The Thrive report explores how international companies – specifically GBA members – are making an incredible impact on local U.S. communities. Drawing on the expert analysis of Daniel Ikenson, an economist at the Cato Institute, this report illuminates – and quantifies – the outsized role that international companies play in generating social good.

Supplementing that rigorous analysis are a few real-world examples of how GBA member companies help communities across the country thrive.

Measuring the Social Good Provided by International Companies

In an environment as diverse and dynamic as the U.S. economy, demand and opportunities for investment are plentiful.

To remain atop global value chains and at the technological frontier, the U.S. economy requires continuous inflows of fresh capital to replenish the machinery, software, laboratories, research centers and high-end manufacturing facilities that harness our human capital, animate new ideas and create wealth.

On average, and increasingly over the years, the U.S. subsidiaries of companies headquartered abroad—referred to as international companies in this report—have contributed disproportionately to U.S. economic performance, as observed across a variety of objective measures.



Examples From Across America