Louisiana Open Investment Policy Statement

July 01, 2017

Louisiana Capitol

With U.S. subsidiaries of global companies employing 6.8 million Americans and competition for FDI at an all time high, it's vital that the United States remain open to global employers. To help ensure inbound companies remain confident in the U.S. economy, governors have started issuing Open Investment Policy Statements (OIPS), reaffirming that global companies are a valuable part of their state's economy. 

During remarks at Shell Chemicals' Geismar, LA plant, Governor Edwards highlighted the great contributions that global investment has made in Louisiana. "FDI operations — from Shell and BASF, to Shintech and Sasol, to Benteler and Dyno Nobel — have pumped many billions of dollars in capital projects alone into our economy in recent years. They are among the 500 foreign-owned companies operating in Louisiana that are directly responsible for 74,300 jobs in our state. In an era of increasing globalization, it’s essential for us to show leadership and support of foreign direct investment in Louisiana in a positive, open and fair manner.” Read more.