'Build Back Better' vs. 'Keep America Great'

October 14, 2020

Election Primer 2020      

Election Primer 2020

Our Election 2020 Primer details the key federal and state races to watch and provides an outlook on what international companies can expect from a second Trump administration or Biden presidency, including analysis on who might serve in key cabinet positions. We also provide three recommendations on what GBA members can do now to prepare for next year’s policy challenges.

Exploring the Impact on International Companies Operating in the United States


Additional Resources

Electoral College 

USA.gov: Presidential Election Process

This resource provides more information on the mechanics of the electoral college and the presidential election process. 

Battleground States

POLITICO: State of the Race

POLITICO provides a deep dive into the political divides within each of this year’s eight battleground states.

Election Outlook

Mehlman Castagnetti: What to Expect in the 2020 Elections

This analysis, produced by Mehlman Castagnetti, provides a data-driven look at historical trends, top issues and the  foreseeable failures ahead in the 2020 election.

Races to Watch

Bloomberg Government: 2020 Election Outlook

This presentation dives into the balance of power outlook in the House and Senate and key races to watch in this election.

State Elections

MultiState: 2020 State Elections Coverage

MultiState breaks down state governor and legislature races in this pre-election briefing deck.