U.S. Governors’ Strategies to Attract FDI

June 21, 2019

GBA CEO & President, Nancy McLernon, discusses the emerging trend among the individual states to encourage and support international investment in her recent Area Development op-ed. State governors are beginning to realize the economic and social benefits that foreign direct investment (FDI) brings to their regions.

"With international companies employing more than seven million Americans, including 20 percent of our nation’s manufacturing workforce, courting international investment is a top economic priority for most states. In fact, America’s governors are on the frontline in attracting these job-creating companies."

Nancy McLernon

Current governors in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania made history as the first governors in their states to issue Open Investment Policy Statements (OIPS). These statements serve as declarations to ensure international companies remain confident in the U.S. economy and to reaffirm that foreign direct investment is a valuable part of the state's ecosystem. 

Learn more about the governors leading the way in welcoming international companies and generating economic prosperity in their home states: 

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