Top Five States with the Highest Concentration of FDI Jobs

December 02, 2021

International companies in the United States have led the way throughout the pandemic by taking extraordinary steps to safeguard their workers and customers. These American employers are also uniquely positioned to spur America’s economic recovery and jumpstart job growth. To learn more about how international companies are contributing to the U.S. economy and the communities in which they operate, visit

Nationally, international companies employ 6.0 percent of America’s overall private sector. However, five states far exceed this national average by welcoming international companies into their local economy. Here are the top five states with the most globally-connected workforces:


#1 South Carolina

South Carolina has the highest concentration of foreign direct investment (FDI) jobs, with 8.9 percent of South Carolinians in the private sector being employed by international companies. More than 820 international employers have operations in South Carolina. Of those, companies from Germany support the most FDI jobs, followed by France and Canada, respectively.

This year, Volvo Group North America invested $118 million into its Ridgeville, South Carolina facility to expand electric vehicle production. The expansion brings the company’s total investment in South Carolina to over $1.2 billion.  


#2 New Hampshire

New Hampshire has the second highest concentration of FDI jobs, with 8.4 percent of their private-sector jobs supported by international companies. Nearly 520 international employers have operations in New Hampshire. Of those, companies from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan support the most FDI jobs in the state, respectively.

BAE Systems expanded its operations in Manchester, adding 800 employees and bringing BAE’s total number of employees in the state to over 6,000.


#3 Michigan, New Jersey & Kentucky

Michigan, New Jersey and Kentucky are tied for the third highest concentration of FDI jobs, with 8.2 percent of each state’s private-sector jobs supported by international companies. Currently, more than 1,160 global employers have operations in Michigan, with Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom driving the most investment. In New Jersey, there are over 1,210 international employers. Of those, companies from France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland support the highest number of jobs in the state. In Kentucky, 708 international employers have operations in the state with Japan, Germany and Canada supporting the most FDI jobs in the state, respectively.

In Farmington Hills, Michigan, Nissan expanded its technical center with a $40 million safety advancement lab, bringing its overall investment in the area to $310 million. Nissan’s Technical Center North America employs more than 1,200 people and is the main campus for the automaker’s R&D in the Americas.

In New Jersey, Kering, a French-based luxury conglomerate, built a new distribution center in Passaic County that created 350 new jobs.

Toyota Motor North America plans to invest $461 million into its Georgetown, Kentucky, assembly plant, creating 1,400 new jobs in the area.