Reinvesting Profits & Fueling American Innovation

October 17, 2018

International companies assign high priorities to establishing, broadening, and deepening their physical presence and innovation activities in the United States and are deeply committed to their U.S. operations.

The data suggest that international companies (especially in the manufacturing sector) are investing heavily—and at a much higher rate of increase than are domestic companies—in fixed capital and research and development initiatives.

This commitment by international companies to producing in the United States now and in the future should be heartening to Americans. It provides a counterforce to the anemic overall rate of real growth in capital investment that might otherwise negatively affect future U.S. output, wealth creation, and living standards.

Between 2001 and 2015, international companies:


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Economic Bedrock

International companies form a critical part of America’s economic bedrock—providing a stable foundation of excellence that strengthens our economy and supports our workforce.

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