Operating Sustainably

February 25, 2019

International companies with U.S. operations make significant economic contributions to the American economy. They create high-quality job opportunities – employing more than 7 million Americans across the country – and grow the economy by supporting small businesses, re-investing U.S. profits, exporting American-made goods, and fueling American innovation through research and development.

By putting in place responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and policies, as well as supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and projects, international companies are out-performing the average U.S. private-sector company on those fronts and making a positive impact on U.S. communities.

Thrive Report - Lowering Product Carbon Footprint

For example, GBA member companies are global leaders in environmental sustainability – they score an impressive 117.2 percent higher than the average U.S. company in terms of reducing their carbon footprint. 

GBA companies have launched highly successful programs that focus on the environment,  such as Ahold Delhaize’s Green Energy Facility converting food waste into clean energy. HEINEKEN USA's Cities Project seeks to improve U.S. urban areas through local historical renovation projects that clean up and restore the targeted area.

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How international companies are strengthening U.S. communities

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