Jumpstart American Jobs Series Recap

October 01, 2020

This summer GBA hosted a series of five highly informative virtual events to share real-world perspectives on how policymakers can jumpstart American job growth. An overview of each episode can be found below and full episodes are available for streaming on JumpstartJobs.org.

GBA president and CEO, Nancy McLernon, also hosted conversations with leading business and industry association CEOs, asking them for their best advice on ways policymakers can jumpstart American job growth. These leaders represent manufacturers, tech firms, food companies, small businesses, major retailers, and tens of millions of U.S. workersAll of their recommendations can be found at jumpstartjobs.org/recommendations, but three key priorities emerged from those discussions


Protect U.S. workers and consumers by implementing a federal standard for safety measures (e.g. wearing face coverings in public) and COVID-19-related liabilities for U.S. employers as they reopen their operations.  


State and local governments should focus on ensuring “safe operations” instead of picking economic winners and losers through a patchwork of “essential business” designations. 


We should strengthen – not weaken  our economic relationships with allies around the world and reject proposals that would restrict access to global commerce, limiting job opportunities for Americans.  

Top Policy Recommendations 


Solving the Health Crisis

Jumpstarting job creation in the United States can’t begin in earnest until the health crisis is under control. This scene-setter for the series opens with a penetrating look into the race to develop vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. We explore the science, the collaboration (both within the United States and across borders), and top policy recommendations to secure our health and safety. Speakers include Ruud Dobber, AstraZeneca; Bill Sibold, Sanofi North America and Stephen Ubl, PhRMA. 

Making it Here

Despite American real manufacturing output reaching an all-time high last year, there is a growing sense that we have lost our manufacturing base. This session explores the impact the pandemic has had on this critical sector, as well as the policy priorities that will jumpstart manufacturing job growth – centered around a discussion of workforce re-skilling and U.S. and global supply chains. Speakers include John Bozzella, Alliance for Automotive Innovation; Anne Forristall Luke, U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association; Christopher Jahn, American Chemistry Council; Michael Moskowitz, Panasonic Corporation of North America; Jason Oxman, Information Technology Industry Council; Milan Rao, Wipro and Hugh Welsh, DSM North America. 

 Sold. Separately. 

Face masks, curbside pick-up, and social distancing guidelines in stores are just some of the ways retailers have adapted to the health crisis. With the escalating threat of additional tariffs on imports and the forced localization of supply chains, commerce has never been more complicated. We talk to wholesale and retail employers and industry experts to find out what it will take for their industries to shift this jobs engine back into gear. Speakers include Brian Dodge, Retail Industry Leaders Association; Leslie Sarasin, FMI; Peter Robinson, USCIB; Steve Presley, Nestlé USA and Jean-Marie Tritant, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

 Servicing Small Business 

Accounting for nearly half of all U.S. private-sector jobs, small businesses are a critical component of our economy; unfortunately, have paid a heavy toll during the pandemic. We discuss the critical link between large and small employers and highlight ways policymakers can help small businesses jumpstart job creation. Speakers include Brad Close, NFIB; Briget Polichene, Institute of International Bankers; Thomas Sullivan, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Elie Maalouf, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG); Mike Parra, DHL Express and Javier Rodríguez Soler, BBVA USA.

Jumpstarting Job Growth in America

To wrap up the series, Nancy McLernon forecasts the long-term impacts of the pandemic on U.S. economic competitiveness and the future of work in America. She welcomes back all the association executives who took part in the series and asks them to share their single most important recommendation on jumpstarting American job growth. Speakers include Karen Halby, Sony Corporation and Jeff Joseph, Software & Information Industry Association.