How to Help Defeat COVID-19

March 31, 2020

How to Help:

If you or your organization are interested in helping the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, check out FEMA's website, which includes more information on the best ways to get involved. For general information on FEMA's Coronavirus response, visit FEMA's response site

Private-Sector Examples:

• Sell medical supplies or equipment to the federal government

        • Please submit a price quote under the COVID-19 PPE and Medical Supplies Request for Quotation

• Donate medical supplies or equipment
        • Please provide details on what you would like to offer

        • Registration information, registration must be 'active' at the time of the award

• If you are a private company that wants to produce a product related to the COVID response, please email

• If you are a hospital or healthcare provider in need of medical supplies, please contact your state, local, tribal or territory department of public health and/or emergency management agency

• If you are interested in doing business with FEMA and supporting the response to COVID- 19 with your company’s non-medical goods and/or services, please submit your inquiry to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Procurement Action Innovative Response Team (PAIR) team.

Additional Information: 

To gain a better understanding of what supplies the Federal Government needs, find information at the COVID-19 PPE and Medical Supplies Request for Quotation

For more information about state and local activity review the GBA COVID 19 Resource Document.

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Global Business Alliance Members from all industries are contributing to local, national and global efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and help the communities in which they operate.

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