FDI Getting You Where You Need to Be

October 03, 2019

International companies operating in the United States make significant contributions to the transportation sector in innovation and technology. Whether it be in auto, aviation, railway or road engineering and construction, international companies are incorporating innovative safety and energy efficient features into their business models.


Canada-based Bombardier is at the forefront of innovation in transportation in the United States. It’s currently developing aviation and rail experiences focused on solving the sustainability and safety issues that companies and passengers face. It has found that 80 percent of its products' environmental impact is determined during the design stage, which is why Bombardier is developing its products to be as energy efficient, toxic-chemical free and recyclable as possible from the start. Along with other industry leaders, Bombardier is implementing Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) at airports, and because of its efforts, Van Nuys Airport in California became the first airport in the United States to offer SAJF.

Balfour Beatty

U.K.-based Balfour Beatty provides infrastructure services to help maintain the efficiency of transportation in the United States and is a leader in innovative rail and road engineering. Our economy relies on railways and highways to transport goods throughout the country, and Balfour Beatty is a key service provider for constructing and maintaining this infrastructure. In August Balfour was awarded a $167 million contract by North Carolina Department of Agriculture. It will be constructing the Havelock Bypass consisting of a four-lane highway to provide a faster and safer alternative to the traffic congestion in the city. Balfour also successfully finished construction of the U.S. 17 Maysville Bypass and redesigned the White Oak River Bridge, both in North Carolina.

North American Subaru

North American Subaru, a subsidiary of Japan-based Subaru Corporation, is known for its innovative safety technology in its automobiles. Forbes rated Subaru as the safest car of 2019. Subaru developed two features that have significant safety benefits for its passengers. The Eyesight Driver Assist Technology feature is a pre-collision breaking system engineered to detect a collision and stop the car beforehand. Studies have shown that this system reduced the amount of rear-end crashes resulting in injuries by 85 percent. It also developed the DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System, which serves as an automated safety mechanism to detect when a driver is distracted or drowsy and will alert the driver to bring her attention back to the road.