GBA Antitrust Statement

May 04, 2020

Antitrust Statement

The policy of the Global Business Alliance is to fully comply in all respects with the letter and spirit of all laws governing our activities, including federal and state antitrust laws. Consequently, discussion of any matters relating to competition among our attendees or relating to practices that may restrain trade with third parties is not permitted. These prohibited discussions include prices, allocating territories, engaging in boycotts, or any other statements that may be construed as anti-competitive.

GBA’s purpose is to promote awareness of the contributions that foreign direct investment makes to American society, and to foster cooperation around public policy related to those investments. While engaging in any GBA activities, participants should carefully avoid any discussions with competitors about customers or matters involving pricing, sale terms, territories, production, or any element of competition, and should raise their concerns immediately if they feel any activities that take place during this or any other GBA event appear to touch on any such topics.